•Telephone support for the duration of the project
•Data export & download assistance
•Analysis of your current system's elements
•Data Mapping into the new system (including consultations with designated users)
•Assistance with the new coding structure
•Conversion test run and transfer to new system
•Assistance with validation
•Modifications to the conversion programs
•Final conversion run and transfer to new system

Data Migration Services
Conversion Professionals
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Related Services
•Minor data cleansing
•Proper-casing of name & address data
•Codes translation, consolidation &/or expansion
•Customized salutations

Data Enrichment Services (Trusted Partners)
Data Migration Pricing
Related Services Pricing
Data Enrichment Services Pricing
Most migration projects are bid "fixed-price"  after a detailed analysis of your requirements and data, and are normally at least 25% less than your software vendors estimate.  To receive your confidential estimate, please fill in the worksheet on our Estimate page--the more information you can provide, the more accurate the quote. You will receive your estimate within 3 business days.   Contact us for our current billing rate.

Most additional services are included at no extra charge.  Complex solutions will be analyzed and an estimate will be provided before any work commences.
Contact us for details.
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